Strawberry Lime Chia Pudding

The natural sweetness of ripe strawberries and tartness of lime combine for a light and healthy dessert. It’s like summer in a bowl. Chia seeds help thicken this “pudding”  and the almond milk and almond extract add a subtle richness. You can serve it chilled with a dollop of whipped cream or even freeze it for a sherbet-like consistency.


  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 tsp. almond extract
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 packet stevia or truvia
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • 2 tsp. chia seeds


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a high speed blender and process until smooth. Refrigerate for 2 hours until set.



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2 responses to “Strawberry Lime Chia Pudding

  1. This looks amazing
    Please stop by and say hi.

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