I’m an avid foodie and love spending my free time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and traveling to explore cities through their cuisine.  I graduated from Davidson College and am pursing interests in PR, marketing, advertising, and writing.




2 responses to “About

  1. Betsy Edmonds

    Hi Chef Susan!

    What a great looking website-it’s making me hungry! if only I had you in my kitchen….

    This looks so professional and stylish, great product shots and design. I wish I could have you as my personal chef! Somebody snap this girl up fast, she’s gonna be hot!


    Betsy Edmonds

  2. A.

    Thanksgiving 2013 looked pretty awesome. I’m kinda curious as to how the sweet potatoes tasted in the scalloped dish. I’m assuming you sautéed the asparagus because I could tell that the tips looked crunchy; which is precisely the way I like them. Also, from looking at your spread of food it seems that your time spent in France probably rubbed off on your culinary style. Anyway, you have done a very nice job on your blog! Very impressed!

    Keep it up mam,

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